Electronics and automation

The job of electronics in automation is to transmit, convert, protect and supply. We put together practical solutions for these functions – for maximum safety and efficiency in machine construction, materials handling, energy generation and process technology. Discover how we rise to your challenges.

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Remote I/O

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Industrial Ethernet

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Power supply

Best System integrators in Ashok Nagar

Measuring and monitoring systems

Best System integrators in Ashok Nagar

Relays and solid-state relays

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Analogue Signal Conditioning

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Surge Protection

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PLC interface units

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Whether power, signals or data need to be controlled and managed – precise connections, isolation, safety and tests from the outset keep your operation running smoothly. We design our connection technology so you receive added value at all stages – from planning through to installation and operation.

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Klippon® Connect terminal blocks

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Industrial Ethernet passive

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Heavy-duty connectors

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Service interfaces

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Power bus system

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Test connector system

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Sensor-actuator interfaces, cables and circular connectors

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Contactless transmission system

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Device connection technology

Our wide range of applications-based products includes PCB terminals and connectors, through-panel terminals, and electronics housings for industrial applications with emphases on signal processing and power electronics. As a pioneering and leading provider of device connectivity and housings, Weidmüller supports the entire design-in process with deep-rooted application expertise and a proven know-how in finding solutions.

Our global design-in support provides the perfect connection between products and services.

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Enclosure system

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Industries such as energy management, process technology and transportation need comprehensive enclosure solutions precisely meeting their requirements. At the same time the enclosures must comply with strict regulations in order to fulfil international standards.


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At Weidmüller, we have been developing and manufacturing quality tools, to meet the most stringent requirements, for over 30 years. When we develop new solutions, we always have a goal in mind: to make your job easier, to optimise processes, and to help protect the long-term productivity of your business.

Systemised marking

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One of the main requirements of a marking system is that it clearly shows how your components are configured. A precise print image, convenient handling and the guarantee of usability in an industrial environment are also essential.In addition, the software should provide you with optimum support during data entry and management, and during marker output, the speed should be adaptable to your needs.

Product innovations

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Practical connections for your industry
Our Industrial Connectivity innovations
Let’s connect.
When creating our innovations, we never lose sight of your future requirements. This is how we shape the industrial connectivity market over the long term.