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When you need a Rugged, Highly stable, Energy efficient, Long mating stability, Cost efficient Industrial connectors – go for one & only HARTING as it is highly reliable and long lasting yet exceeds customer expectations.

Brand is where our image lies and our relationship with HARTING has been for more than 10 years, wherein we have earned valuable customers and thus the reputation!

High-performance connection technology forms the basis of industrial application and product technology. The HARTING range of products and solutions comprises connectors, device connection technology and network components. HARTING products connect machines and facilities via data, signal and power. These offerings enable solutions for the following markets: Automation technology, Energy, Transport technology, Machine construction, Medical technology and Infrastructure.

Applications of Harting products in an Industrial automated world


They supply interfaces and more for injection molding & plastics machines, for printing presses, metal forming machines, tooling, food and packaging machines. They allow the supply of industrial lifelines data, signals and power.

  • Modular connector for energy chain
  • Han 1A
  • Han DDD inserts
  • Vitronic using Han M & Han 3A
  • High density inserts
  • Power supplier for laser cutting systems
  • Han B rear-fit / Han-eco B
  •  Han HMC

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They supply the connection technology for transmitting data, signals and power in railway applications. We use this technology for Ethernet backbones and data infrastructures (e.g. for sensors and passenger information systems). We also specialise in high-power applications, such as the interfaces for drive motors.

  • Harting’s Active Multi Fibre POF Modules
  • Han 1A
  •  Han 34 HPR & Han 22 HPR
  • The RFID 4 Rail solution packages
  • Backplane with cable bridges for system plug-in solutions
  • Single pair ethernet SPE
  • Powerful Interfaces for the growing data stream 

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For automation usage, a suitable connection technology must be flexibly expandable, robust and reliable. Our standardised connectors and customer-specific interfaces support the modular design of production lines. They make a key contribution to shortening development times, facilitating transportation, and making installation and maintenance both easier and faster.

  • Han M & Han 3A
  • M12 with transformer
  • HCME current sensors
  •  M12 socket (K coding & L coding)
  • IGBT Module
  • Cyber physical systems

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For energy distribution and storage applications, they supply robust connectors for transmitting data, signals and power. They feature a modular design and can be assembled quickly. Our connectors are used to connect low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-power facilities. They can also be used for energy management and the corresponding control systems.

  • Han Configurator
  • Han modular docking frames
  • Plug & Play power generation
  • Han modular sliding frame
  • Solar power towers

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