Structured Cabling


Structured Cabling

Stuctured cabling is the backbone of your technology. We design systems for any size project.

  • Scalable

We’ll design a system that grows with your business.

  • Attention To Detail

There are a hundred ways to run a cable but only one way to do it right.

  • Certified Installers

We are trained and certified installer ready to solve any problem you throw at us.

Network Design, Consultation and Implementation

A structured cabling system is the central nervous system of your company. It’s role is to connect the multitude of IP devices that are constantly being added to your network. From computers to cameras, VoIP phones to Wireless Access Points the need for interactivity between devices has never been greater.

Just like the human body, it is critical that the all of the systems have a centralized means of communication.

The full potential of the IT system in your office can only be unleashed with well thought-out network design and efficient structured cabling.

At Calibre, we can provide you with a turnkey solution that covers:

  1. Consultation
  2. Network Design
  3. Structured cabling planning and implementation

Is your system healthy and performing at it’s best?

Types Of Services

network cabling

Whether you need to add a couple network cables or need network cabling designed and installed for an entire multi-floor office building we are ready to tackle any sized project.


Security system cabling

Security camera systems are increasingly better quality and lower prices. We provide end-to-end solutions to handle the latest in today’s security camera technology.

VOIP Phone system cabling

Whether you need to add a couple network cables or need network cabling designed and installed for an entire multi-floor office building we are ready to tackle any sized project.

access control system cabling

Access Control Systems are your first-line protection for your assets and employees. We are experienced in installing crash bars, key fobs, open/close sensors, and all the required cabling.

wireless access point cabling

Wireless Access Points are essential for nearly any business. Devices & people are becoming increasingly unplugged. In order to ensure great wireless coverage, you’ll need strong network cabling to the access points.

fibre optic cabling

When speed matters most. We have decades of experience installing single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cabling. Whether you need to connect multiple buildings or data closets or overcome cat-6 limitations we are ready to help design and implement a solution that will bring you blazing fast speeds where you need it most.

Our Structured Cabling Partners

We’ve teamed up with the industry leaders in structured cabling.

At CommScope they push the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. Across the globe, our people and solutions are redefining connectivity, solving today’s challenges and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next.

Molex is a globally recognized provider of electronic solutions in a wide range of industries, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

D-Link is a global leader in designing and developing networking and connectivity products for consumers, small businesses, medium to large-sized enterprises, and service providers. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown since 1986 into an award-winning global brand.


Cable Managements


For best performance, safety and security, office IT infrastructures need to be well laid out and set up to perfection. You need to account for and take measures against possible problems like unauthorized access and thermal overload by using appropriate measures like racks, cabinets and cable management systems. This is where we at Calibre can help. With our range of tie-ups with market leading manufacturers of racks, cabinets and cable management solutions, we can help you choose the right products for your network.

We help you take stock of the size, equipment and weight of your hardware components and find the right tools to complement your system. According to the specific measurements and scope of requirement, you can then choose the perfect combination of racks, cabinets and cable management solutions with our help. It is a great way to keep your IT framework organized, safe from potential problems and highly functional and accessible on a modular level.

Our Racks & Enclosures System Partners

We’ve teamed up with the industry leaders in Racks & Enclosures System

NetRack offers an array of services that serve to Store, Secure, Integrate and Systemize passive and active network components

VALRACK MODULAR SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Server Racks ,Security Systems in India. Valrack Cabinets are used in the telecom, wind power, railways, oil & gas, machine tool, aerospace, pharma, power industries; providing vital customised support for electrical distribution.

APW President Systems Limited is a 25-year-old company engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing and supply of modular enclosure systems for infrastructure, system management, operations and interactive interfaces (such as touch-screen technology kiosks).




For any industrial connectivity, testing and certifications are two important, connected processes that can go a long way to increase the overall performance of your IT system and save you costs in the long run. In the modern age, speeds are ever on the increase, and just having a functional infrastructure is nowhere nearly enough. It is important to get your cabling and connections tested and certified, and we at Calibre are proud to offer you our services.

We do rigorous, comprehensive testing and certification of your entire cabling system, ensuring perfect operation and adherence to industry standards. With these services, you can ensure that your system provides optimum performance and speed, and is ready to accept upgrade or change in future. It is a great way to keep your elaborately laid out network cost effective and high performance with little added cost. Work with us today and take advantage of our stellar testing and certification services




Every efficient and high-performance corporate IT framework needs periodical maintenance and swift resolution of issues to continue providing optimal performance. Whether you are fraught with cabling issues, or want to make subtle changes to your system for better integration into your scheme of things, we at Calibre are always ready to help with our stellar support and maintenance services. With our services, you can ensure that your network remains up and running without any flaw, and provides you with the degree of performance and capability that you need on a daily basis

On the basis of terms mutually agreed in service contracts and annual maintenance contracts, we can take charge of your cabling infrastructure, guarding you against usual issues like downtime, link failure, problems with input and output etc. Partner with us, and we can provide you great value and utility with our industry leading support and maintenance services.

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Business Phone Systems or VOIP solutions

Our business phone systems are cutting-edge, sophisticated, reliable, & easy to use.

  • Scalable

Our phone systems are expandable and grow with your business.

  • Simple To Use

Our phones are easy to use and initial training is included with new installs.



All companies need efficient, cost-effective voice solutions to handle their internal and external communication needs. Basically voice solutions come in different forms, each with their own distinct advantages. If you need help choosing the right voice solution for your requirements, and setting it up to provide optimal performance, we at Calibre can help. Our service portfolio of voice solutions is meant to provide companies with the right way of handling voice communications based on their particular requirements.

Whether it is the time-tested EPABX system or the newer, feature-rich VoIP protocol, we at Calibre have years of experience providing voice solutions. Our team of experts comprises of driven, talented individuals who have complete grasp of the nuances of different voice solutions, and can help you find what you need at competitive prices. We offer you stellar PBX, VoIP and hybrid solutions that can help you achieve all your communication needs with added features at a fraction of the cost.

Our VOIP System Partners

We’ve teamed up with the industry leaders in Racks & Enclosures System

All Matrix products are indigenously designed. With around 40% of the total manpower Body text dedicated to development of new products, Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and sustenance. Matrix R&D is located by its corporate office and is spread over an area of 77,000 sq. ft. The R&D team designs products conforming to the relevant international standards. Matrix makes considerable investment in R&D tools and equipment to stay abreast with the latest technological advancements.

Cisco’s approach to quality can be condensed down to one phrase: “ensuring our customer success”. The information contained in this section will help you to gain a better understanding of Cisco’s Business Management System, which allows us to accomplish that success. Cisco’s Business Management System is made up of two parts; the Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System.