System Integration services


A Premier System Integration Company having 10+ years experience on this niche domain for client’s growth and success:

Using category 5e, category 6/category 6A cabling, or singlemode or Multimode fiber optic systems, Calibre will design and build a high performance Structured Cabling System for your business.

Organizations of today face ever-increasing demands when it comes to technology to keep up with competition and to reach business goals. To succeed as a business, these demands need to be met with maximum efficiency but at reasonable costs. At Calibre, we can help you meet these demands with our cost-effective and competitively priced System integration services portfolio. These services are fine-tuned to bring together all IT, Security and communications systems at your workplace for a seamless, efficient daily workflow that aids a high degree of productivity and creativity.

If you have complex technical requirements, getting these implemented successfully would be a burden on your in-house staff. Our System Integration Services can be an invaluable help in this regard, without the need to scale up capabilities or extend your IT infrastructure.

Calibre has more than 10 years substantial experience in core skills and in-depth knowledge of industry best practices. This helps put us in a great position to handle all your requirements and provide true value to your operations. With our services, you can have the right integrated workplace network that you need.



We stay on top of the latest technology trends.

Technology is rapidly changing. Let us help you leverage the latest in technology to make your business more secure and productive.

Our certified structured cabling designers and installers will help you plan and implement Network, Security Cameras, VoIP, Access Control, Wireless Access Points, and Fiber Optic cabling solutions for any size project.

Your business and employees are your most precious assets. Leverage the latest in security camera technology to watch and protect your business 24/7.


Make your meetings more productive or keep the students in your classroom engaged. We’ll design an audio/video system that is easy to use which allows you to focus on the information you are presenting instead of on the technology behind it.


Keep your facilities, employees, and assets safe. Remotely lock/unlock doors. From simple door security to a complete building security system we’ll tailor a solution to fit your needs.