Souriau range of connectors are designed specially with energy efficient products to effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. As a global power management company, the Souriau range of products support customers solve their greatest power challenges through electrical, aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and services.

The products are more specially designed to cater connecting devices in Industries of Aviation, Defense, Railways, Energy, Industrial OEMs, HealthCare, Machine Building, Motor Sport, Marine Industries & Space.

Let us get an overview of specific products used in these Industries and how it may solve customer queries & support their growth:

Connectors that serve Aerospace Industries : Aviation Solutions

  Wiring Interconnect Systems

  Engines, Wing & Landing Gear


  In-Flight Entertainment & Cabin Systems

  Power Connectors for Aerospace.

These products would have interconnected solutions of aircraft wiring systems with aircraft connectors, backshells, wire protection, cable assemblies and contacts.

Souriau range of medical connectors and cable assembly solutions will help you meet the design challenges of your medical electronics equipment, whether it’s waterproof to wet applications, durable to withstand the rigors of sterilization or even the infallible performance of signal and energy. Souriau has developed a biocompatible plastic push-pull connector – the JMX – especially for medical applications.

Main features and benefits

Safe and reliable : high and durable connection cycles> 5,000 times

Easy to use : fast, audible and reliable connection mechanisms, keying and color identification

Waterproof : IP68 sealing to resist fluid penetration and watertight immersion under coupled or uncoupled conditions.

Sterilization: : Resistant to repeated exposure to high temperatures associated with sterilization conditions.

360 ° EMI / RFI : Shielding for the most reliable data transmission and signal integrity.

Ergonomics : Attractive, compact, lightweight and ergonomic designs with high density layouts for space-saving applications.

With ability to provide standard products and develop dedicated solutions, SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies is committed to continue supporting the evolution of the Space Industry.

Every launcher and spacecraft demands the highest level of reliability, which is catered by Souriau range of robust connecting & lighting solutions. Product range by Souriau: Reference website (