Value Added Business

The One Sure Way to Increase our engagement with customer is – By adding value. Calibre has an expertise to make custom-made cable assemblies, kits, cable harness and what not. With the support of an extensive range of products from premium brands and comprehensive technical know-how, we develop application specific connectivity solutions for every need of the customer. We guarantee the reliable transmission of power, signals and data using customer defined products from a single source.

Wiring Harness Components

A close look at a typical wiring harness will reveal a network of

  Electric wires & Connectors




  Convoluted tubes


  Conduits and much more

Wiring harnesses consist of various wires bundled together, with each individual wire responsible for carrying the electric signals and energy used in starting the engine, lights, meters, navigation systems, power windows and doors, and other devices in the vehicle. There are many different types of wire used in a wiring harness. Some varieties are more flexible, more heat resistant or more cold resistant, and others can be smaller for easier routing or larger for products requiring more current.

Despite advances in automated manufacturing, most production of more complex cable harnesses and assemblies are completed by hand operations. Certain steps in the process, such as wire soldering and cutting, can be and often are automated, but other steps are almost impossible for automated machinery to complete, such as routing wires, branching out wires or connector zing. This is where Calibre comes in and offer appropriate solutions to customers.

Connectors In Wiring Harness Or Assemblies

In their role of connecting wires and cables within an automobile; connectors must function in environments with extreme temperature variations, vibrations, water, electromagnetic interference and other conditions. With the increased use of information technology, we have developed a variety of connectors and other components that connect wires to GPS, TV, and other wave receiving devices in today’s automobiles.

Types Of Assemblies

  Wiring Harness Assembly

 Control Panel Wiring Harness Assembly

 Industrial Wiring Harness

 Lift Wiring Harness

 PCB Assembly Wiring Harness Cable.

  Power Supply Wiring Harness

  Telecom Wiring Harness

  Wiring Harness Adapter

  Wiring Harness For Ship.